Year 5 Home Learning – Thursday 23rd April

Good morning Year 5 and Happy St. George’s Day!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather.

Maths Task:

For your task today I would like you to complete some long multiplication questions. Remember to take your time, take each step one at a time.

Long multiplication worksheet

Maths Answer Sheet

English task:

Using the same text from yesterday’s task, all about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I would like you to create your own character description. You can pick any character from the story. Use the text I provided, you may want to do further research on your chosen character if you are not familiar with the book.

You can chose any of the templates below to create your character description:

Character Description – Option 1

Character Description – Option 2

Character Description – Option 3


As we celebrate St. George’s Day here is a great website filled with many different activities you could try at home.

I particularly like the picture of St. George and the Dragon. You could try and draw this yourself, I think I might give this one a go!



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