Year 5 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning all!

Here are your tasks today.

Maths Task:

Complete the addition and subtraction problems.

Addition and subtraction problem solving

Adult answer sheet – Addition and subtraction problem solving

English task:

Read this booklet

Reading task – Alice in Wonderland chapter 1

Here are the questions

Question booklet – Alice in Wonderland chapter 1

Adult answer sheet – Alice in Wonderland chapter 1

For a bit of fun today (you know I love my morning challenges on the board) here is one for you to try.

Can you work it out?

Write your answer in the comments below and I’ll comment back to let you know if you are correct! Good luck!!!


Take care,


Mr. Craig

17 Responses to Year 5 Home Learning – Thursday 2nd April

    • Well done Oliver! The only person so far to get the correct answer! If you can, comment below explaining how you got the answer.

      Well done!

      Mr. Craig

    • Good effort but you are incorrect. Think carefully about what each imagine is showing.

      Try again, good luck Ananth!


  1. I think the answer is 15 one man equals 5, 1 shoe equals 5 and the paper cone is 2 so 5 (man) x 2 (cone) = 10 add 5 (shoe) = 15

    • That is not the answer, try again! Think about the value of the final man!!!

      Good effort though!


  2. We know the answer now is 43
    The last man is wearing shoes and holding the cone so he equals 19.
    Then x2.
    then + 5

  3. I thought it was 48 because shoes = 10 , shoe = 5 , man = 5 , papers = 4 , paper = 2 so the man with papers and shoes = 19 , the man with papers and shoes add a shoe = 24 x 2 (one paper) = 48 I saw the other comments but still canโ€™t understand how to get 43 PS: hope yours are all well I miss everyone! ๐Ÿ˜

  4. Hi year 5 hope you are all well my answer was 48 because two shoes = 10 , One shoe = 5 , Man = 5 , Two papers = 4 and One paper = 2 . One man (5) + Two papers (4) + Two shoes (10) = 19 . A man with two papers and two shoes (19) + one shoe (5) = 24
    24 x one paper (2) = 48

    • Great job Sophie, figuring out the value of the different parts. What you need to do is the multiplication first, so its 19 x 2 = 38 then add the 5 that gives you 43.

      I received your Tudor project in the classroom, its brilliant, well done Sophie!
      No wonder you knew so much about the Tudors and their punishments. Super work!

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