Year 5 Home Learning – Tuesday 21st April

Good morning Year 5.

I hope you have all settled back into your daily tasks.

For Maths today, you are identifying multiples. You’ll need to read your questions carefully and use your multiplication skills.

Maths Worksheet


For your English task, continuing from yesterday, I’d like you to complete the questions from the comprehension.

English rainforest day 2

English rainforest day 2 ANSWERS


Following on from the optical illusion we created in school, here is a great video showing you how to create another 3D affect. Maybe try using a ruler for the straight edges (all the lines that run through the central point) and if you don’t have crayons you could use colouring pencils. Remember your shading skills. Enjoy.

Take care everyone.


Mr. Craig

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  1. Hi Sophie, I don’t think it is possible to post the pictures on here. If you keep it safe and bring it into school when the Lockdown is over, I’ll post your picture along with others on our website to celebrate your fantastic work. I hope you enjoy tomorrow’s optical illusion.

    Take care.


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