Year 5 Home Learning – Friday 22nd May

Good morning Year 5,

Next week is half term so today will be your last home learning until 1st June.

Here are your tasks for today.

English task:

Along with the Tudor knowledge you have develop over the last two English tasks, I would like you to do research on one of the following Tudor Monarchs.



Complete the worksheets included within each pack.

Science task:

Watch the video in the link below:

Think about what was happening during the video. Now can you recognise when reversible and irreversible change occurs?

Complete the following worksheets which are focused on melting and freezing.

Changes Made By Melting And Freezing

Next, I would like you to predict whether the following processes are reversible or irreversible. The worksheet asks you to test the different processes, for your safety, only do this if you have an adult with you. For the last three questions (a, b and c) you just have to answer the questions, do not try these at home or anywhere.

Reversible or Irreversible changes


Finally, I would like you to try out our breathing technique of the day. Take your time with this and enjoy.

Rainbow breaths

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and a nice rest during the next week.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr. Craig

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