Year 5 Home Learning – Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 5.

Welcome back to your home learning. I hope you have all had a lovely half term break and managed to have fun in the glorious sunshine.

Here are your home learning tasks for today.

Maths task:

This week, I would like you to focus on number patterns and sequencing, understanding number sequences is all about recognising patterns in the order of numbers.

Number Sequence.docx

Number Sequence ANSWER SHEET.docx

English task:

Your work today is all about adding extra information to a sentence using a subordinate clause. A subordinate clause contains a subject and a verb, but it needs to be attached to a main clause because it cannot make sense on its own.

Connectives that join clauses can be conjunctionsprepositions and adverbs.

Subordinate-Clauses-worksheet 1

Subordinate-Clauses-worksheet 1 ANSWERS

Have fun with your work today.

Take care,

Mr Craig.


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