Year 5 Home Learning – Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 5.

Welcome to a new week of home learning.

English task:

Today, I would like us to start thinking about VE Day.

VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) is a day celebrated on 8th May, as we remember and celebrate the surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied Forces in 1945, ultimately ending the Second World War.

I would like you to complete the following reading comprehension.

ve-day-reading-comprehension Day 1

ve-day-reading-comprehension Day 1 ANSWERS

Maths task:

Today we will be working on Perimeter.

Perimeter is the total length of the outside of a shape.

I would like you to calculate these perimeters:

Perimeter worksheet

Helpful Hint:

  1. Remember that 1/4 (one quarter) is the same as 0.25. (You’ll need to use this information for the last two questions.)
  2. If there are missing values for a side, you can use the opposite sides to calculate this.

Perimeter ANSWERS


Why not try making some of these war time recipes with your family (always with adult supervision), I think I’ll be trying a few of these myself this week.


Enjoy your learning

Take care,

Mr. Craig


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