Year 5 Home Learning – Tuesday 12th May

Hello Year 5,

Here are your tasks for today.

Maths task:

I would like you to continue your division work today by completing some word problems.

Division word problems

Division word problems ANSWERS

English task:

I would like you to read the following Viking story and complete the questions provided.

Fiction reading comprehension

Fiction reading comprehension ANSWERS


I hope you enjoyed trying out the Mickey Mouse drawing yesterday? Here is my attempt:

This next video is from a professional artist that works at Disney Animation. Again, I would like you to draw Mickey Mouse, this time following the new video. You’ll notice the artist starts his drawing the way I have taught you in class, lightly drawing shapes and building these up. Keep your pencil light, don’t press hard so you can erase those lines after you have completed your picture. Have fun!

Take care,

Mr. Craig

4 Responses to Year 5 Home Learning – Tuesday 12th May

    • Thank you Sophie, tomorrow you’ll be able to see my attempt at today’s video. I hope you’ve had a go at drawing Mickey too.
      Mr. Craig.

  1. Yes I did it was really fun I even wrote myself a prompt for myself ( I could definitely improve on my shapes ) 😊 I did the mic key mouse which you just posted

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