Year 5 Home Learning – Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Year 5,

As a school community, we would like to share all of your VE day celebrations and activities. So, if you have any photographs could you please email them to by the end of the school day on Friday 15th May. Could we please also ask that you use ‘VE Day photo’  as the subject of the email?

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing your celebrations.


Here are your tasks today.

Maths task:

Complete the following addition and subtraction calculations. Remember to ‘carry’ in addition and ‘exchange’ during subtraction.


Maths-Addition-and-Subtraction ANSWERS

English task:

I would like you to complete the following reading task.

Non fiction comprehension

Non fiction ANSWERS


Here is my attempt at the more challenging drawing of Mickey Mouse. If you look closely you can see the sketch lines, which I could easily rub out once finished.


I hope you all had a good go at it.

Today why not try some 3D optical illusion art again, this time creating a 3D letter. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to send in any of your rainbow inspired work to so I can add your work to the next ‘Rainbow’ video.

Stay safe,


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