Year 5 Home Learning – Friday 26th June

Hello Year 5.

The weekend is finally here!

Here are your tasks to end this week of home learning.

Science task:

Investigation ‘The tallest the person, the further they can jump’

This is the second part of the investigation today. So carry out investigation, do the analysis of results and the conclusion.

Investigation longer legs jump further

History task:

Back to Ancient Greece today, I would like you to read through the PowerPoint provided all about Greek gods and goddesses, you could also use your iPad or the internet to further research a god of your choice.

Lesson Presentation Gods and Goddesses

Next, complete the sorting activity, organising the correct statements, you can use the Greek god fact file to help.

Activity Sheet Greek Gods and Goddesses 1

Activity Sheet Greek Gods Fact File

Finally, I would like you to create your own Greek god poster, try to add pictures, make it colourful and fill it with some of the fantastic facts you have discovered.

I hope you all have a great weekend.

Take care and stay safe,

Mr. Craig.



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