Year 5 Home Learning – Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 5.

Welcome back to your home learning, I hope you have all enjoyed the weekend.

Here are your tasks for today.

Maths task:

For your maths work today, you are required to read coordinates and reflect them through a mirror line. Here is a helpful video to remind you how to read coordinates and the order in which you do so.

If you need further explanation you could also use this handy guide from BBC Bitesize.

Here is your worksheet, make sure you read the questions carefully.

Maths worksheet


English task:

Could you imagine yourself working for an advertising company, promoting a new brand of biscuit? Use the links below for the PowerPoint guide, task and model advert.


Task advert

Model Cookie Advert.docx


Your new brand of cookie needs packaging. You could decorate your cookie box, with pictures and slogans from your advert. Use the link provided for a box template.

Template for cookie box

Enjoy your day Year 5.

Mr. Craig

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