Year 5 Home Learning – Thursday 18th June

Good morning Year 5.

Here are your home learning task for today.

Maths task:

Now that you are comfortable with plotting coordinates and understand that you begin with the x axis and then read the y axis, it is time to look at the movement of shapes or coordinate points. We call this in maths, translation. When using translation you must record the movement by describing the x axis movement first, for example moving left or right, the horizontal movement. Then you describe the vertical movement (up or down) on the y axis . Follow the PowerPoint for a further explanation of translation and answer the following questions.

translation-of-shapes powerpoint

Translation worksheet

Translation ANSWERS

English task:

Lockdown has been tough at times-but there have been some benefits. For me: spending more time with family, finally sorting our the garage for Mrs Craig, baking cakes with the boys and celebrating ‘Lockdown’ birthdays. Can you reflect on the positives for you?

Click on the model and template link below to find out more about your task.

positivitea callouts

positivitea templates

Here is an example to inspire you:

I hope you all have a positive day,

take care,

Mr. Craig.

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