Year 5 Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello Year 5.

Here are your tasks for today.

Maths task:

Use yesterday’s home learning to remind yourself of the difference between regular and irregular polygons. Once you have done this, complete the activity sheet. Finally I would like you to answer the polygon problems on the worksheet.


Reasoning and problem solving shape worksheet

Reasoning and problem solving shape ANSWERS

English/Geography task:

Building on your work from yesterday, today you are going complete designing a menu, for the new Mexican restaurant that’s opening. Complete section 3 and and 4 today.

Section 3 is the dessert and Section 4 is the drinks.

Click on the link below for the task.

Mexican Menu Task


Follow these step by step instructions and see if you can draw your own portrait. When drawing, it is important for you to remember, practice and try as many times as you want to get your finished piece. You could use one of the frames below to draw your final portrait.



Take care everyone,

Mr. Craig


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