Transition work for the soon to be Year Six class !!!

Dear Year Five,
As we haven’t had as much time to get to know you as we would have liked, today we would like to hear a bit more about you. So we thought we’d ask you to do something quite creative and design a Year Five transition Tee Shirt – All about me tee !
Here are ours.

Task : Design a Tee Shirt to tell us all about you
You should include:
Your Name
Who is in your family
Any pets
Favourite song, movie, book, place
Use the attached template, print it off and write your information inside. Don’t forget to use colour or images and make it look attractive.
Take a photo of your finished Tee shirt and email it to
We are looking forward to finding out about you all.
We would also like you to ask any questions about next year. Use the comments facility and ask away !

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