Year 5 Home Learning – Wednesday 6th January 2021

Good morning Year 5.

We find ourselves in another lockdown, I really didn’t expect to be talking to you all through our website once again. I am already missing all your smiling faces and even though we can’t be together over the next few weeks, I have some great activities planned.

Today we will be doing Maths, English, RE and a PE activity.

Please take photos of all your completed tasks and send these to by 8pm tonight. Please send all of your work in one email. This will really help me and I will reply by the end of the day tomorrow.


We are beginning our new English topic today. Over the coming weeks we will be learning all about persuasive writing and we will be linking this to our current school Erasmus project.

For today, follow this lesson below making sure to complete the tasks throughout the video, recording your work on paper or digitally.

To understand the features of a persuasive letter (


Below are two different tasks for you to complete.

Think about how we discussed converting fractions from improper fractions to mixed numbers and mixed numbers to improper fractions.

Firstly, read through the information on this useful website to remind yourself of how to do this.

Here is a helpful video to explain converting fractions from mixed numbers to improper fractions:

Only watch up to 55 seconds of the video, as the rest of the video is not needed for today.

I would like you to complete the following worksheet:


Once you’ve completed this, challenge yourself to try the problem cards below. Here you will have to think carefully about each question. I hope you manage to complete these. I will be very impressed if you can answer problem card 4, this problem is very similar to the questions we were doing in class. Make sure you read each question carefully.



Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, a very special day for Catholics. Please read the information sheet first and watch the video below:

ks2 Epiphany reading

Now complete the worksheet, creating a spider diagram around the present on the worksheet, think of the gifts God gives us and the gifts we receive from God.

Complete the final question about the gifts that are give by the three wise men.

Epiphany lesson worksheet


I hope you enjoy your day and I look forward to receiving all of your wonderful work. Remember what I always say, set your standards high and try your best.

Take care,

Mr. Craig

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