Year 6 Home Learning 1st April

Nothing to do today. Just kicking back and relaxing. None of that troublesome work. Scroll down for more instructions . . . .














Look at the date ! Got you !


An open ended investigation today. Try to be organised to help you solve it.

elf-houses-investigation-number-1 – 4

elf-houses-investigation-number-1 – 4 Answers


Watch the clip again but this time without the sound.You now need to write a new voice over for the trailer. Use the phrases that you wrote yesterday to help. It needs to introduce the film but not give away too much detail. It needs to encourage the viewer to want to watch the film and persuade them to go.


Fancy making a game with a difference ? Use the link below and have some fun !


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    • Pleased to hear you’re happy Emma. Have a look at the games on the website to pass the time. Did you have a look around that virtual museum?

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