Year 6 Home Learning Monday 27th April

We hope you have had a good weekend and enjoyed being outside in the sunshine.

This week we are continuing to look at adaptation and Mexico with some other stuff too !

We are going to use some of the materials from BBC Bitesize because they have some helpful presentations to refresh your memories !


Some maths problems to start the week.

One-step problems require one operation to solve the problem. Two-step and multi-step maths problems require more than one operation to find an answer.

Often, you will have to use the answer to the first step using one operation to work out the rest of the problem.

Click on the link below to find some slides to refresh your memories and then two activities. ( The answers are at the end of the worksheets so no cheating ! )


It is not only animals that adapt to their environments, but plants too !

Click on the link for the task and resources to help you . . .

Plant adaptation


Follow the link below to some fabulous activities linked to keeping music alive !

9 Responses to Year 6 Home Learning Monday 27th April

  1. Hello Mr Knox and Mrs Horne – we hope you are both well. Can I please just check how to upload homework? Many thanks, Julia Fox

    • We are both well given the circumstances thanks. There is no requirement for you to upload any homework. As answers are provided we would encourage children or adults to self mark and correct appropriately. Hope this helps.

  2. Hope you are all well too. Both Mr Knox and I are missing the children and ‘normality’. If the children would like to e mail photos or videos of what they have been getting up to, there is a system being put in place for them to do this. There is a Focus going out tonight, which has the details of how to do this.

    Take care 🙂

    • It is amazing indeed Aidan. What is even more amazing is that some of the large cactus plants can store up to 200 gallons of water. That is about four full bath tubs !!

    • It sounds as though you’re enjoying the adaptations topic, Aidan. What have you enjoyed finding out about the most- adaptations made by animals or plants?

  3. Hi Mr Knox and Mrs Horn,
    I hope you are both staying safe and hopefully I may see you soon. I am enjoying the work you have sent us. My favourite was the Mexico fact file.
    From Isaac

    • We are both well, thankyou Isaac. It would be great to see you all again but in the meantime, we’re pleased that you are enjoying the work.

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