Year 6 Home Learning Thursday 23-4

Hopefully another sunny day.


Some more arithmetic to get your brains moving. Challenge yourself to see how many of the easier ( or hard ) ones you can do mentally. Do you really need a calculation for every one ?

Arithmetic 4a

Arithmatic 4a – Answers


How have polar animals adapted to their environment?
1. Research the weather and climate of a polar region.
2. Choose an animal, that lives in a polar region, and outline five adaptations
that they have made to survive in this environment. Record the
adaptation (physical feature) and outline the reason for the adaption.

Use the sheet below to find out more and for some handy links  . . .

Science two – polar adaptations


Something completely different. A figure of 8 knot is a vital knot for climbing and sailing. But can you throw it ??!! Remember you can slow the video down in settings.


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