Year 6 Home Learning Tuesday 28th April

This weeks focus has gone onto the website with a great way of you teling us how you are all getting on . . .


Here are some Maths Challenges to help you think outside the box. . .

Challenge 6 and 7 are tricky but give them a go.

The answers are at the bottom of the page so dont scroll down until you have finished !!


Last week, you all found out about the Mexican festival Dia de los Muertes’ (Day of the Dead). Well, you might be wondering-‘Are there any other famous celebration days?’ Well yes there areIndependence Day (Dia de la Independencia) andThree Kings’ Day (Dia de los Reyes Magos), to name just two more. This week’s task is to research two more Mexican festivals/celebration days. There are many to choose from. Write down as many facts as you can into your Home Learning book about each one. 



Dont forget that scratch is available online to use. Just follow the link above and you can have a play !


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    • Evan, for number 6, look for things that are common to find the difference. If you subtract the height of the cube and cylinder from the height of the cube and hexagonal Prism youd find the difference between the Prism and cylinder. With that information you could find the size of the Prism and cylinder then the cube.
      For number 7 think about the area of each triangle first not the fraction. The small triangle is 2 square units in area. Remember 1/2 L x W. Look at the area of each of the shaded triangles in comparison to the total area. Give them a go.

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