Year Six Home Learning Tuesday 21st

Good morning Year Six. We are starting the Hola Mexico topic today . . . .

To start of our topic, Mrs Horne and Mr Knox would like you put together a mini fact file, just so you have some background information about this wonderful country. Use the file below to help organise your ideas.

All About Mexico

These websites might help too . . . . 


A few problems for you to try. Don’t forget that you will need to use a sheet for calculations. There are some tricky ones so give them a go then don’t worry if you got them wrong, try to work out where you went wrong.

Mat-5 Part 1

Mat-6-Part 2

Mat-5 Part 1 -Answers

Mat-6-Part 2 – Answers


For those of you who only used multiplication to count 6 packs of crème eggs over Easter, it might be a good idea to log back in and practice more tables !

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