Year 6 Home Learning Monday 4th May

Good morning Year 6

We hope you have had a good weekend. Please keep posting anything that you have been doing during lockdown – videos or photos. Remember the instructions on how to do it are on the last focus. We loved the skipping Zack and Elise ! And Isaac, you are your brothers look as though you’ve been keeping fit and active on your bikes. Olivia, it was great to see you out with your brothers. How little Patrick has grown. Livia it was great to see you Irish dancing and William, your bread looked delicious. More please everyone !

This week, our work continues to be based around evolution and inheritance as well as still having a ‘flavour’ of Mexico, in Geography and English.


Last week, you completed a reading comprehension linked to fossils. And you may remember that a fossil is any preserved remains, impression, or trace of any one-living thing from a past geological age. So your challenge today is to create a cartoon strip, explaining how a fossil is actually formed. Use the link and template below for help . . .

How a fossil is formed

Comic strip fossil

You could try making your own fossils, but this is optional as in your house you may
not have the right materials


Some calculations for a Monday morning. Don’t forget to see which ones need to have written calculations and which ones can be done mentally.




Ofcourse, May the 4th has to be linked to something with a Starwars theme. Here are some printable models to make . . .





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