Year Six Home Learning Monday 11th May

Thank you for your wonderful pictures that contributed to our ‘Spreading Rainbow Joy’ video. If you haven’t watched it yet, please do so by clicking on the link below and kindly share this with others around you. I’m sure you will agree that it truly inspires and lifts the hearts of all that see it.

Well done children and families of St. Mary and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Look out for the next Rainbow challenge and keep sending in your fantastic rainbow pictures.

Spreading Rainbow Joy

A video spreading rainbow hope, joy and love to all.


In a normal world, you would have been sitting your SAT tests this week ! Whilst for some it will be silent tears and for others massive cheers, you have all proved your achievements through the work you did in class and the work you continue to do at home.


Over the next two days, you are going to use your notes ( from researching an animal, indigenous to Mexico ) and start writing a non-chronological report. We’re only asking you to write half of the report today. Follow the link below so you can see an example of how we’d like you to set out the report.

How does the river otter adapt to its environment report


Some maths calculations to start the week. Don’t forget to check if you go it wrong, why you were incorrect.


HPT-Arithmetic-Paper-5a Answers


TT Rockstars – When was the last time you went on ? What score could you get from a minute game ? Can you beat it ?


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