Year Six Home Learning Monday 1st June

Good morning Year 6

We hope you’ve all had lovely holiday and have enjoyed the gorgeous, sunny weather. Please keep posting anything that you’ve being doing during Lockdown-videos or photos. (Remember the instructions on how to do so are in the last Focus).

This week our work in Science continues to be based around the Inheritance as well as still having ‘a flavour’ of Mexico, in English.


Features of Postcard Writing (informal recount)

Before the holidays, you completed some research about different aspects of life in Mexico. This week you are going to write a postcard from your ‘once in a lifetime holiday in Mexico’. But, before you start the task, we would like you to look at a holiday postcard, from Spain and identify writing features that you can include when you begin writing your postcard tomorrow.

Click on the link below for the task and answers

Features of a Postcard 2

Features of a Postcard answers


For the next couple of days we are looking at conversion of different measurements.

These sheets include some learning reminder slides which have bits of work to do on them which should help to jog your memories. They also include different worksheets depending on how confident you are feeling and a check your understanding at the end. The answers for all sections are within the PDF so no cheating !

Y6 Maths 1 – 6


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