Year Six Home Learning Wednesday 20th May

Good morning Year Six. Here is today’s home learning.


Today we have a maths investigation on tower numbers. Try to be organised to help you complete all possible answers. The challenge part is tricky so don’t worry about that unless you want a challenge!!




Life in Mexico

Today, you will be building up a fact file of different aspects of life in Mexico. Click on the link below for your task.

Factfile linked to Mexico


Follow the link below to create some amazing model tests.


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  1. Mr.Knox and Mrs.Horne I am very confused on the maths you set for us today and I don’t know where I have gone wrong

    • Check your method Livia and make sure you are adding up each pair of numbers. Secondly, make sure you are using the correct answers as there are two sets on the answer sheet. You need answers for towers 4.Hope that helps.

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