Y6 Home Learning 30th June

Good Morning Year 6.


Careers in the Aviation industry (part 2)

Today you are going to complete any of the tasks, linked to the careers in the aviation industry that you did not complete yesterday. You may want to re-read the PowerPoint again to remind you about each career.

Click on the links, that you did not click on yesterday, to find out what your Career Task is.

Aviation careers ppt

Cabin Crew Career Assigment

Airline Pilot Career Assignment

Aircraft Engineer Assignment


The Maths for today is about scaling problems once again. Like yesterday, it can be carried out mentally if you feel you can or using a written method. Challenge yourself with a few if you feel you need to use the written method all the time.

Y6 Maths 30 – 6


TT Rockstars. Keep going with this as it will really help your Maths work. Have you set a personal time to beat ? Try it !


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