Year 6 Home Learning 29th June

Good morning Year 6.

We hope you have all had lovely weekend and have enjoyed the sunny weather. Please keep posting anything that you’ve being doing during Lockdown-videos or photos. Mrs Horne and Mr Knox are busy putting your year book together and are enjoying reading your special memories.

Over the next few weeks, our work in Science is based around electricity whereas our English is linked to flight, equality and making something called a circular book! So, watch this space.


Careers in the Aviation industry (part 1)

Would you like a future career in the aviation industry- to be pilot, a member of cabin crew or an airplane engineer?

Click on the PowerPoint to find out about three jobs in this industry.

Click on the links to find out what your Career Task are. You have two sessions to complete all three Career Tasks.

Aviation careers ppt 

Aircraft Engineer Assignment

Airline Pilot Career Assignment

Cabin Crew Career Assigment


Beat boxing, Singing and Writing Lyrics

Click on the link below to find out more about your task.

Beat boxing, Singing and Writing Lyrics

Come Fly with me


This week’s maths is about scale and ratio. This will involve use of mental and written calculations. Try to have an estimate in your head of what the answer might be to help you see if you are correct.

The Maths for today is about scaling problems and can be carried out mentally if you feel you can or using a written method. Challenge yourself with a few if you feel you need to use the written method all the time.

Y6 Maths 29-6

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