Year Six Home Learning Friday 5th June

Happy Friday !

Year Books

Day 2

Have a look at your moments from yesterday. Do you need to add any more detail ? If you read it to someone at home, do they know exactly what happened ? The examples below will help you to see what I mean. Make sure you add as much detail as possible

E.g. Happiest Moment  – When I won.

Happiest Moment  – When we took part in a football competition in Y6 and I scored the last minute goal which meant we won the tournament.

Also – what else do you want to add to your year book ? Here is a list of suggestions . . .




Most known for

A list of teachers who taught you in each year.


Message to future Y6 classes

Choose the ones you want to add ( Name is pretty essential ! ) and add them to your list of memories in preparation for next week.

Cartoon Art

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing again so click on the link below to find out more about your task.

Cartoon art with buildings


Try this  . . . So cool !

18 Responses to Year Six Home Learning Friday 5th June

  1. Name: Livia Michelini

    D.O.B: 23rd May 2009

    AKA: Liv and Rapunzel

    Ambition: To tour with Riverdance and become a professional Irish dancer

    A list of teachers who taught me: Nursery Mrs Lake and Mrs Lamb, Reception Miss Morris, Year One Miss Laughlin, Year Two Mrs Gourley, Mrs Humble, Mr Craig and Mr Forster, Year Three Mrs Robinson, Year Four Mr Craig, Year Five Mr Craig,Year Six Mr Knox, Mrs Horne and Mrs Wilders (and not forgetting the wonderful Mrs Innerdale for all of our French lessons)

    A message for future Year 6’s: Make the most of Year Six because you never know what is going to happen (Corona Tour 2020)

    What I’m known for: Irish dancing and extremely long hair

  2. NAME-alice lancon-tachikawa
    MOST KNOWN FOR-being really really cool
    AMBITION-to have a fun in life
    MESSAGE-SATS arnt that hard if u dont do them.teehee

  3. Name: Jamie Francis Sutton
    Dob: 12th June 2009
    AKA: J or JJ
    Known for: being addicted to florence by mills
    Ambition: an actor, model, teacher and to meet millie bobby brown
    Teacher who taught me: Mrs Lake, Mrs Sexton, Miss Morris, Mrs Lamb, Miss Laughlin, Mrs Gourley, Mrs Humble, Mr Forster, Mrs Robinson, Mr Palace, Mrs Myers, Mr Craig, Miss Wigglesworth, Miss Brush, Miss Endecott, Mrs Innerdale, Mrs Horne, Mr knox, Miss Holton and Miss Johnson.
    Message to future y6’s: what goes around comes around and don’t stress about your sats.

  4. NAME-alice lancon-tachikawa
    MOST KNOWN FOR-being really really cool
    AMBITION-to have a fun in life
    MESSAGE-SATS arnt that hard if u dont do them.teehee

  5. NAME-corwin jack martin



    MOST KNOWN FOR-funniest

    AMBITION-professional gamer or footballer

    A LIST OS TEACHERS WHO TAUGHT ME IN EACH YEAR-Mrs Lake, Mrs Sexton Miss Morris,Miss Laughlin,Mrs Gourley,Mrs Humble,Mr Forster,Mrs Robinson,Mr Palace,Mrs Myers,Mr Craig,Miss Wigglesworth,Miss Brush,Miss Endercott,Mrs Innerdale,Mrs Horn,Mr Knox,Miss Holton,Miss Johnson.

    MESSAGE TO FUTURE Y6-Bekind and look after your special friends :}

  6. Jamie Mills
    Aka- Millsy
    My School teachers over the years have been,Mrs Lake and Miss Pallas in nursery.Mrs lamb and Miss Morris in reception. Miss Loughlin in year 1.Mrs Gourley and Mrs Humble in year 2, then in year 3 we had Mrs Robinson and years 4 and 5 Mr Craig taught us for both years. I then moved into year 6 and was taught by Mr Knox and Mrs Horne, which sadly we never got to finish our final few months with. I’m hoping we can get back before the holidays to have one last meet up and say our goodbyes.
    My Ambition is to be a Footballer.
    Not sure as to what I’m best known for might be worth me asking my friends if we do get to come back along to primary school, maybe they would say having tuna pasta in my packed lunch every day!!
    My Message to year 5 moving on up into year 6 is to remember this is an important year but dont be to hard on yourself try not to worry about any exams, year 6 is not that hard unless you make it hard on yourself but most of all, have fun and enjoy every moment of it.

  7. NAME: Evan Conway

    DOB: 17/09/08

    AKA: Nothing!

    HAPPIEST MOMENT IN SCHOOL: Getting picked for football team

    MOST KNOWN FOR: Liking llamas!

    AMBITION: To be a professional tennis player or tennis coach

    MESSAGE TO Yr 5: What happens is your choice. Don’t get frustrated.

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