Year Six Home Learning Monday 15th June

Good morning Year 6

We hope you’ve all had a good weekend. And a special thank you to those children, who shared their Year book memories.

Over the next two weeks, some of our work will be based around the history of flight, as well as still having ‘a flavour’ of Mexico, in English and an investigation to finish off our Science Inheritance topic.


Advert Writing

Could you imagine yourself working for an advertising company, promoting a new brand of biscuit?

Click on the links below for the power point guide, task and model advert.

Model Cookie Advert


Task advert


The next two days are about Pie charts. The resources are the same format as last week with learning reminders, two practice sheets, a help section, challenge section and a self check at the end. Remember to use the appropriate section to support and challenge yourself.

Y6 15-6

Design Technology

Your new brand of cookie needs packaging. You could decorate your cookie box, with pictures and slogans from your advert.

Click on the link below for a box template.

Template for cookie box

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