Year Six Home Learning Monday 8th June

Good morning Year 6. It has been great sharing your memories from your time in school. We are going to develop that further this week. We are looking at more Science and developing the topic of inheritance with some activities. In Maths we are looking at problems involving time and algebra.


The maths for the next two days is on time problems. Remember to follow the method of using a blank number line to help you. The resources are the same format as last week with learning reminders, two practice sheets, a help section, challenge section and a self check at the end.

Y6 8-6

Investigating Inheritance and Variation

Back to Science today and we are continuing with our inheritance topic. Do you think that you have inherited physical characteristics from you Mum, Dad or both?

Click on the link below to find out more about your task

Inheriting charcteristics from your parents


What makes a good computer game ?

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