Year Six Home Learning Tuesday 9th June

Good morning Y6. Although we aren’t doing anything on your year book until later in the week, it would be great to share some more of your memories….. Share them in the comments if you haven’t done so already.

Cells, Chromosomes, DNA and Genes

Following on from yesterday Year 6, we have another session of science. Have you ever wondered why you have inherited some of your physical characteristics or why you have blue eyes and your brother or sister has brown?

Click on the links below to read some information about Cells, Chromosomes, DNA and Genes and how to use something called a punnett square to predict genes.

Cells, Chromosomes, DNA and Genes

Punnet Square

genetic conundrums


Another day on time problems. Remember to follow the method of using a blank number line to help you. The resources are the same format as last week with learning reminders, two practice sheets, a help section, challenge section and a self check at the end.

Y6 9-6


When was the last time you challenged yourself on TT Rockstars…. ?

8 Responses to Year Six Home Learning Tuesday 9th June

  1. Jamie Mills
    My Happiest moment was when I became a special friend to a boy called Louie.
    Saddest- leaving my special friend and best friends knowing that this might be the last time I see some of them, which has not been nice because of the virus.
    Strangest- Sols Marge laugh from the simpsons we were playing and he just came out with this, we all found it funny but strange as no one was even talking about the simpsons.
    I wont forget that I never got to finish my final few months in year 6, it’s all a little bit emotional thinking that we may not be able to have our special leavers party and saying a final goodbye to friends, the staff and other pupils I have made friends with.

  2. Happiest moments . Doing the board room challenge in year 5 , meeting my special friend Luke for the first time , being invited by the bishop to go to the cathedral in year 5 and meeting an astronaut in year 5 .
    Alex Bibby

    Saddest moments . Leaving St Mary and St thomas Aquinas thinking I might not go back , signing my friends bibles in case I couldn’t see them again .

    Strangest . Saying goodbye to all my friends on the last day .

    I won’t forget . All of the teachers who have taught me and all of the pupils I have made friends with.

    Funniest moment . There has been so many that I can’t choose .

    • IF you can be a bit more specific, we will help. What is really difficult or did you manage to complete it ?

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