Year Six Home Learning Thursday 11th June

Good morning Y6. More Year book work today and some algebra problems . . .

This is the last session for finishing your Year book. We would like it to be sent to school by Friday 19th June so we can check them and create the Year Book. Send your finished designs as a word document or publisher document to

Here are the examples again to give you an idea of layout . . . .




Another day of Algebra. Use the learning reminders to refresh your memories ! Don’t be confused by the letters. Remember they just represent a number.

Y6 11-6


Make sure you don’t work on something that is too easy !


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  1. Jamie, if you can’t word process or desk top publish or use an app on your tablet or phone to process it, that’s fine. You could just write it out neatly like the examples we shared. Then if you can contact school to arrange a time to drop it off, that would be great.

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