Year Six Home Learning Thursday 4th June

At this time of year in Year Six, we look at what has happened throughout your time in Primary School. Some of you have been with us since Nursery, so that is a lot of memories. Others joined later, but can remember lots of things that happened. Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to create an individual year book page. This can then be sent to school to create our Class of 2020 Year Book.


Year Books

Day 1

To begin with, we would like you to have a really good think about the funniest, saddest, strangest, happiest things that have happened whilst you have been in school. It would be wonderful if you could share a couple of these to help those people who are struggling for ideas. Post your ideas in the comments below.

Record your ideas like this . . . .

Happiest moment –

Saddest moment –

Funniest moment –

Strangest moment –

Things I wont forget



Back to some sums for Maths today. Don’t forget that you should be trying really hard to identify those sums you can do mentally and those you need to write down. If you get it wrong, find out why !




TT Rockstars – When was the last time you practiced your tables ? Have a go and see how many you can get right in a minute or even three minute game !

10 Responses to Year Six Home Learning Thursday 4th June

  1. my happiest moment was she ni met my special friend and when to allensford
    saddest memory saying goodbye
    funniest memory seeing everyone in there space day outfits

  2. Happiest moment- spending time with my friends

    Saddest moment- saying goodbye to everyone

    Funniest moment- wearing my underwear in swimming

    Strangest moment – having mr Craig 2 years running because we weren’t expecting it

    Things I won’t forget- friends and teachers

  3. Happiest moment: Going to Allensford with my best friends Elise, Ellie, Emilia and Layla.

    Saddest moment: Knowing that I will leave the best special friend in the world, Amber.

    Most embarrassing moment: When I accidentally wrote in bubble writing in Year 1.

    Strangest moment: being a camel in the Year 2 Nativity Play.

    Things I won’t forget: Being told about my special friend, being a Ghostbuster in the Dance Festival, participating in an Irish dancing performance for visitors from China and I won’t forget all of my teachers or my friends.

  4. Happiest-is where i got to see my special friend at holy island

    saddest-when my special friend went to comp

    funniest-when i was dressed as a donkey i fell of the bench in nursery

    strangest-when me and harry in ICT were play with our keyboard verticaly

    things i wont forget-friends and teachers :]

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