Year Six Home Learning – Tuesday 23rd June

Good morning Year Six. Keep those year books coming in if you haven’t sent them in already.


Building on your work from yesterday, today you are going complete designing a menu, for the new Mexican restaurant that’s opening. Complete section 3 and and 4 today.

Click on the link below for the task.

Mexican Menu Task


Something slightly different for maths for the rest of the week. We are going to revise co-ordinates in four quadrants which will then help us for the rest of the Maths this week.

Y6 Co-ordinates Revision


Follow the link to this BBC page about the pillars of Islam. The videos and activities at home will give you an insight into one of the world’s largest faiths.

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  1. I am very confused on question 8 none of the isosceles trapeziums I have been able to plot match the searches I’ve made, which all show mirror imaged isosceles trapeziums. Is it supposed to be a mirror image?

    • An isosceles trapezium is like an isosceles triangle in that it has one line of symmetry. So you are quite right that it is like a mirror image with a line of symmetry.

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