Year 6 Home Learning Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year Six. This time next week, the rest of you will be in school and we’re looking forward to seeing you too !

English Circle Books (Day 3)

Finalise your draft for your circle books. Then start to copy up the drafted information onto circle templates, you will be able to finish this tomorrow.

Circle Book Task

circle book template



Create, describe and predict patterns.

This investigation looks at patterns in numbers, linked in to the times tables work theme that has been in the Maths this week. It also creates some very pretty patterns which you might want to repeat with a needle and thread just like your calendars this year !

 Y6 8-7


TT Rockstars – Hopefully the Maths this week has reminded you that times tables knowledge is really important. Keep going with TT Rockstars. Increase your accuracy and beat your times!

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