Home Learning Thursday 19th November

Good Morning Year Six.

Today is the first day of our home learning until Tuesday 1st December. Let’s start it with the level of commitment and effort that you have all shown throughout your time in year 6 so far. Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we are going to do a range of activities from your Year Six curriculum.

You can complete the work either on the computer or on the paper you have in the house. Once you have finished all your tasks, ask your parents to email all you work at the end of the day. This could be a picture, scan or the actual digital work. But please just send one email with all of the completed work of the day.

The email address for your completed work is – smstyear6@gmail.com

We will mark your work and reply the following day. Mrs Horne and Mr Knox will be giving their Maths and English groups separate feedback and feedback on the subjects they normally teach you.

Here is the time table for the next two days . . .

Thursday Maths English History – Battle of Britain
Friday English Maths RE Computing



Today we are looking at rounding numbers. Use the first powerpoint to remind you of how to round to 10, 100 and 1000.

Round numbers to 10 100 and 1000 Powerpoint

Now complete this worksheet about rounding

Rounding-to-10-100-and-1000-2019 Worksheet

If you want to be challenged, continue on to the second powerpoint and worksheet.

Round any number Powerpoint


Once this is all completed, here are the answers. Celebrating what you got right and finding out where you have gone wrong is a really important part of learning. But no cheating ! If you really don’t understand where you went wrong, don’t panic. Just send us the work and we’ll make sure we go back over it when we return to school.




We shall be getting our creativity flowing starting with the activity . . .The City of Silence and then we’ll use the ideas that come out of it to do a variety of activities: writing short poems, trying some descriptive writing, giving feedback to writers, being a teacher, doing some artwork and finally publishing or performing our work.

Starting Activity: The City of Silence
Have you ever wondered what it is like in …
★the mountain of imagination,
★the castle of doom,
★the city of wonder,
★the maze of wishes,
★or the cellar of despair?
Well, you are about to find out! In this activity, we are going to create our own unique settings by combining places and things.

Click on the link below for your two tasks today . . . .



The Battle of Britain was supposed to be the turning point in World War 2. Before the Battle of Britain, Hitler had been successful in conquering many countries in Europe, in his quest for World supremacy.

Task 1

Please read the Power Point and the text linked to aerial warfare to find out more!

Aerial Warfare in the Battle of Britain Information Sheet

The Battle of Britain Powerpoint


Task 2

Read the text (Key facts about the Battle of Britain) and highlight six pieces of key information with key dates. Then, in chronological order, write out six key facts on your timeline, together with dates, which are linked to the key events in the Battle of Britain. 

Key Facts-Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain time line

Task 3

Next research the uniform of a male fighter pilot or a female, who served in the R.A.F. From your research, draw a picture of both the male and female in uniform.


Before you left, alot of you asked for some PE. Thursday is PE day, so here is a great Joe Wickes workout for you to do . . .


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