Home Learning Thursday 26th November

Good morning Y6. Thursday today, so we have nearly got to the weekend ! Well done for continuing to work hard at home. Make sure you say a big thankyou to all those people at home who are helping and supporting you during this strange time.

Here is today’s timetable of work . . .

Thursday Maths English Science Science



Today we are reviewing how to multiply with a formal written method. Use the video below to remind yourself of what to do. . . .

Now complete the worksheet



Mr Knox’s maths group, try a few of these too if you want a challenge . . . .




A bit of a challenge today to work with juxtaposition ! Read on to find out more . . .



The seven characteristics of Living Things


Task 1

lifeprocesses ppoint 

Read the Power Point linked to recap on the seven characteristics of all living things. ‘An organism is only alive if it does all seven life processes!’

Task 2

Now access the web link above to find out more about ‘Mrs Nerg’ and the seven life processes. Try the quiz after you have read about each one of the seven life processes.

Task 3

Finally complete the recording sheet.

Recording sheet Characteristics of living things definitions

Living things questions

Use the question sheet to guide your fact finding, if you need to.

Print the sheet our again (or use paper) to illustrate each one of the seven life processes.


A brilliant game for sorting shapes… It really gets you thinking !


A quick game to reinforce equivalent fractions


Here is Joe again to get you going !

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