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Good morning Year Six. Thankyou for sending in all of your work this far. It is great to see what you have achieved.

Here is today’s timetable. . . . .

Tuesday Maths English French RE


Here is the song again to remind you of the difference between factors and multiples.


Today we are looking at multiples . . . .

Now complete the worksheet below

Common-multiples Worksheet

Common-multiples Answers

Mr Knox’s Maths group, if you feel that the first worksheet was easy, try these . . .



You might want to finish with a game . . . .

Factors and Multiple game



Today we are going to look closely at a model poem and respond to it. Click on the link below to find out more . . .



French work: Year 6      mardi le 25 novembre

Bonjour Year 6!

For this week’s work, I would like you to go onto the website:


Once onto the site, click on Français on the left hand side.

Scroll down the page to where it says First Year Learning (Encore Tricolore 1).

Go onto Unité 8 and complete exercises 1,2,9 and 10. Hover over the instructions in French if you are not sure and they will come up in English. Please record your score for each exercise on a sheet of paper to bring back into school.  Remember, click on Vérifie to find out what your score is; click on Prochain exercice to move onto the next exercise.  The phrases underneath should help you; some of them are new but are straightforward.

Then combine  time phrases (from exercises 1 and 2) with  daily routine phrases to write about your routine in chronological order.  You need to remember to say : A huit heures rather than il est huit heures, eg:

A 7 heures et demie, je me lève = At half past 7,  I get up.

Please also bring this work into school when you return.

Good luck!

Je me lève I get up
Je prends mon petit déjeuner I have my breakfast
Je quitte la maison I leave the house
J’arrive au collège I arrive at school
C’est la récréation It’s break time
Je mange à la cantine I eat in the canteen
Je prends mon goûter I have a snack
Je fais mes devoirs I do my homework
Je prends mon diner I have my evening meal
Je regarde la télé I watch tv
Je me couche I go to bed



We are starting a new topic linked to advent. It is about expectations  . . . .

There are certain things that we do every day. We have expectations of what should happen and other people have sometimes similar and sometimes different expectations. Use the sheet below to explore some expectations . . .

Expectations 1


Crack the code . . .

Here is a great code breaking activity  . . . .


Brilliant multiplication game. Don’t worry about the year groups, just make sure it is a challenge for you !


More on negative numbers



You really liked the last one, so how about an energetic break with Joe ?

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