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Good morning Y6. We have been really impressed with the effort you have been putting into your work so far. Keep it up.

Here is today’s timetable….

Wednesday Maths English Comprehension RE


Today we are looking at square and cube numbers. Use the video to help you and follow the on screen instructions.


Square-and-cube-numbers Answers

Mr Knox’s maths group, if you feel that you want a challenge, try this . . .

Crack the Code With Factors Multiples Squares and Cube Numbers Activity Sheet Questions

Crack the Code With Factors Multiples Squares and Cube Numbers Activity Sheet Answers


Now let’s get a bit more adventurous and extend ideas that you have created. Follow the link below. . . .




Following on from the last lesson on expectations, we are going to look more at what expectation means. Have a look at these images. For each image write next to it, why you think this image has been chosen to represent expectation and what it means. Then draw your own image which you think best explains the term expectation and explain what it is.

expectations 1 pics



We talked about Ghandi when we discussed the different people who peacefully protested about injustice in the world. Here is a comprehension about him, so you can learn more about this famous pacifist. The questions are first then answers.





If you need some more things to do . . .

Co-ordinates game


TT Rockstars

Logon and see how many you can get right in . . . a minute, 3 minutes, after 5 games, 10 games ? Can you improve your average time ?

Or if you have a times tables clock, you could practice that aswell.

Oxford Owl


Logon with the username and password y6smst

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