In nursery we have been learning about what it is to be welcomed. We have welcomed each other into nursery and our parents to our mugs and muffin morning. We know that babies are welcomed into God’s family through baptism. We went to church to baptise a baby and all took a role as part of the babies family. Before going to church we baked a celebration cake to have after the baptism service. The cake was delicious.

IMG_3133IMG_3134 IMG_3142  IMG_3140 IMG_3137 IMG_3159

IMG_3157 IMG_3161 IMG_3164IMG_3165 IMG_3168 IMG_3176IMG_3177 IMG_3238

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  1. Lovely to catch a glimpse of the learning taking place. Addison thoroughly enjoyed her day being a Godparent, she showed her badge to anyone and everyone we met that evening. Thank you.

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