Thursday’s Visit to the Farm

Thursday’s Visit to the Farm

When we arrived at the farm our first stop was the chick barn. We all had the chance to hold one of the chicks. We had to make sure that we were very gentle and quiet. The chicks were soft and fluffy.

After that we walked over to see the rabbits and the guinea pigs.


Lynn from the farm took us over to meet more of her farm yard friends- the llamas, pigs and the highland cows. Some of us had to feed the llamas by pouring food down the shoot.

We then went to meet some of the newest arrivals to the farm. First we had the chance to say hello and feed the pygmy goats and their kids. We then met some of the lambs and the sheep who were about to have their babies very soon!

In the next barn we went to see some of the bigger pigs and the alpacas.


We were very excited when we all had the chance to bottle feed the lambs. They were only 2 weeks old! We had to make sure that we held the bottle up so that the air didn’t get in

In the afternoon we had the chance to see wallabies, chickens, the giant turkey and Percy the peacock. We finished the day with a fantastic tractor ride around the very muddy farm.

Sadly, it was time to go home. We all had a wonderful day and the children were a credit to our school.

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  1. Had a lovely time on both farm visits helping to look after the children in Nursery. Would like to say how well behaved both groups of children were and thank you to Mrs Lamb and Miss Wilson for letting me come along with you all x

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