October reading suggestions

Ages 5–6: Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup is the perfect ‘snuggle up and share’ bedtime story for those approaching October dark, autumnal nights. If you like a book with a pinch of heart and a cosy, traditional and classic feel (with illustrations as warm as the fireside), this is for you.

Ages 7–8: The Accidental Wizard

This book is perfect for magical bedtime reading, either independently or as read aloud for you and your child, especially on the lead up to Halloween! Brilliantly funny, with bags and bags of heart, The Accidental Wizard is destined to leave you completely spellbound!

Ages 9–10: Shoe Wars

Shoe Wars is the latest book from bestselling Tom Gates author Liz Pichon. Featuring all the hilarity and crazy antics you would expect from Tom Gates, along with some super-cool gadgets, the baddest baddies and tons of shoes!

Ages 11+: Crystal of Storms

This action-packed, immersive role-playing book sees you as the hero at the heart of the story, exploring uncharted islands, battling raging storms and beastly sea creatures along the way in a bid to save the day. Plus you get to choose your own path and decide your own destiny!

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