In reception we have been talking all about the season of autumn.  We discussed what happens to the trees, leaves, weather and animals in the autumn and the celebrations that are celebrated at this time of year.

We decided to go on an autumn walk around the school and see if we could find any signs of autumn in the outdoor environment. We found plenty of leaves, there was lots of different colours, berries acorns lots more.

Take a look at our pictures…


img_2415 img_2418 img_2420  img_2422 img_2423 img_2424 img_2425 img_2426 img_2427 img_2429 img_2430 img_2431 img_2432 img_2433 img_2434 img_2440 img_9205 img_9207 img_9208 img_9209 img_9210 img_9211 img_9212 img_9213

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