Maths in the Shop!

In Year 1 we have been practicing and furthering our money and coins skills. We have been able to choose an item from our ‘Fairtrade shop’ and decide which coins we could use to pay exactly the right amount. The children have had great fun role playing shopping and buying food.

From all this hard work in Maths, we have been able to create pictograms and block graphs! We then used our Computing skills to create a pictogram about the most popular Fairtrade products bought in a shop on the computer!

Picture 022

Picture 007

Picture 010

Picture 015

Picture 016

Picture 019

Picture 021
Picture 029

Picture 030

Picture 031

Picture 034

Picture 036

Picture 002

Picture 005

Picture 007

Picture 008

Picture 012

Picture 024

Picture 025

Picture 027

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