Play Fair for Fairtrade!

Today, our Mini Vinnies presented an assembly about footballs and Fairtrade.  We have recently bought some Fairtrade footballs and rugby balls and wanted to tell everyone about why we bought them. Did you know that  40 million footballs are made every year? Also 3 out of every 4 footballs are made in Pakistan in villages around Sialkot. Many of the balls are stitched by hand and an experienced stitcher can make up to 5 a day. The stitchers do not earn enough to feed their familes and send their children to school.

However, a stitcher making a Fairtade football earns almost twice as much per ball as they do for a non-Fairtrade football. In addition, some of what you pay for the football goes to health, education and business projects that aim to help the families earn a living wage from stitching

Sadly, only 5 out of every 100 footballs are Fairtrade balls and if more people asked for Fairtrade balls, Talon and other football makers would be happy to make them and pay their workers a living wage.

Choosing today to buy Fairtrade is  a very good way for us to say thank you for all the good things we have.


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