Collective worship- Our Lady

Today our collective worship was all about the theme of Mary, Jesus’ mother.  During the month of May we think especially about Mary and how much she loved Jesus.  During our collective worship, we gathered together and said the Hail Mary, a special prayer all about Our Lady.  We listened to the story of Jesus in the Temple, Jesus went missing for a few days and his mother Mary was very worried but Jesus had been in the Temple talking with the teachers about God.  We talked about our own mothers and reflected on how much they love us and how we should always try to do as we are asked.  Some people spoke about a time when they had not listened to their mum and made a wrong decision.  We read a special prayer about being obedient and we decided that our mission for the week would be to show our mums that we love them and try to do something extra kind for them this week.

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