The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Today Year 1 were introduced to this special day where we remember and celebrate St. Bernadette and her experience at Lourdes. As well as Miss Loughlin, Olivia has been to Lourdes many times with her family and she was able to tell us all about what she knew and what sort of things she does. Olivia also brought in photos to share with us. We learnt that Bernadette saw Mary, Our Lady, at the grotto eighteen times and now Lourdes is a popular place for people to pray and to be healed. After looking at photos, videos and many discussions we were able to colour in a picture of the grotto where Bernadette saw Mary. We listened to quiet hymns while we reflected upon the story of Lourdes.

Picture 019

Picture 020

Picture 001

Picture 003


Picture 007

Picture 009

Picture 010

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