George Stephenson’s House

Today Year 1 visited the house where George Stephenson was born in Wylam. We learnt about George’s early life and were able to imagine what it was like when he lived in the house. George lived in one room with all of his family, we found this hard to imagine!

We already knew that George and his son Robert created the steam engine called The Rocket. We were able to see lots of pictures and models of The Rocket in the house and at Wylam’s Library Museum. We also learnt about the oak tree that was planted to remember George Stephenson, it is over 100 years old!

Despite the rain, we had a fantastic and interesting day walking along the river, experiencing what life would have been like for George, and exploring the museum. When we returned to school we started to create our own models of The Rocket steam train which we will paint! We have also started making our own Geordie Lamps, the miners lamp that George invented. We loved to learn more about the local ‘superhero’, George Stephenson!

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