Bird Watching

This afternoon we went on a bird watch around the school grounds. We were looking out for robins, blackbirds, goldfinches, sparrows, blue tits and magpies. Some of us were able to spot different birds flying and in the trees. We made sure we were really quiet so we did not frighten the birds to fly away.

When we got back to class, we voted for our own favourite bird. We voted by putting an X in the box of the bird that we most like and then folded up the paper to post into the ballot box. We can’t wait to find out which is Year 1’s most favourite bird!

Picture 040 Picture 041 Picture 044 Picture 045 Picture 046 Picture 050 Picture 052 Picture 054 Picture 055 Picture 056 Picture 058 Picture 059 Picture 069 Picture 033 Picture 034 Picture 035 Picture 038 Picture 039 Picture 070

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