Year 1- Let’s go fly a kite!

On Monday, Year 1 used the windy weather to inspire their Science lesson about seasons and the weather. We looked at the damage wind could cause to people and their property. We wanted to see what effects the strong winds would have on a kite so we decided to make some. The children paired up and were tasked to make their very own kites using willow for the frame, paper, string and a bit of sticky tape.

Year 1 had great fun making them and we went outside to see if they would fly and they did! There was lots of excitement!

IMG_1674 IMG_1676 IMG_1677 IMG_1681 IMG_1683 IMG_1684 IMG_1686 IMG_1687 IMG_1688 IMG_1696 IMG_1699 IMG_1706 IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1713 IMG_1716 IMG_1718 IMG_1722 IMG_1740 IMG_1741 IMG_1743 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1750


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