Year 1 – Art with John Coatsworth

In Art this week, we have been looking at the artwork of John Coatsworth. We chose to look at this artist as he lives in Gateshead and this fits in with our topic on our local area. John is famous for creating images of North East landmarks and uses bright, vibrant colours. We looked at examples of his work and talked about what we like and dislike about his pieces.

We then created our own pieces of artwork in the style of John Coastworth using oil pastels. Take a look…

img_3411 img_3412 img_3413 img_3414 img_3416 img_3417 img_3418 img_3419 img_3421 img_3422 img_3423 img_3424 img_3426 img_3427 img_3428 img_3430 img_3431

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