Year 1 – Jam Sandwiches!

This week Year 1 have been learning about instructions. We started off by writing a set of instructions for an alien from space on how to put a school uniform on.

We had great fun following our instructions as some children got them in the wrong order and decided that shoes went on first and then the socks! We learnt very quickly that it is very important to put instructions in the right order.

Next we made jam sandwiches and made some notes on the steps we used. The following day we used our sandwich making experience to write a great set of instructions!

img_3860 img_3861 img_3862 img_3863 img_3864 img_3865 img_3866 img_3867 img_3868 img_3869 img_3871 img_3872 img_3873 img_3875 img_3878 img_3879 img_3880 img_3881 img_3882 img_3883 img_3884


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